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Trading Card Grading for the Next Generation of Collectors

In-depth grading analysis, high-resolution photos, industry-leading security, and the best-looking slabs on the market make Edge Grading an experience like no other.

Matthew Stafford Edge Grading slab

Edge Grading is now accepting card grading submissions on a limited basis.

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Full AI Grading + Human Grader Review + Photographic Proof

In an age where many grading companies spend fractions of a minute on each card to increase volume, Edge is committed to making sure that every card is graded accurately and objectively, even if it takes us a little bit longer.

Every card graded by Edge will be:

  • Evaluated by our in-house AI image processor to microscopically scan every corner, edge and surface for defects to create an initial grading report
  • Reviewed and graded by a highly-trained human grader on 18 distinct features of the card
  • Given a final grade from 1-10+

For additional transparency, we capture 18 ultra-high-resolution images of every card, all of which are accessible on our website with individual attribute grades, empowering anyone to verify the card's condition from every angle. Being able to see an extreme close up of every part of the card will help future buyers and sellers understand why each card received the grade it was given.

AI card grading with machine learning

Beauty is on the Inside
(and the Outside)

We treat every trading card as a valuable piece of art that deserves to be framed in a way that not only showcases the card's eye appeal, but adds to it as well. Our cases and labels have been beautifully designed to accentuate a card's corners and edges while also providing detailed information about its grade in a way that doesn't distract from the card itself.

Edge 10 Steph Curry Color Wheel

Security You Can Bank On

Our labels and cases are equipped with technology that makes changing or recreating an Edge Grading slab virtually impossible. When you buy a card graded by Edge you can rest assured that you're holding an authentic case.

Custom hologram with multiple built-in security and verification features

Edge Grading label front hologram

Fugitive ink that runs when washed to prevent tampering with card or grade information

Holographic logo on back with a built-in security feature known only to Edge employees for in-person verification

Edge Grading label back security

Individualized QR code to take any visitor directly to the Edge Grading grade overview page

Molded logo and unique case design

Edge Grading slab security

Archive-grade acrylic case with tamper-proof features