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Justin Herbert Edge Grading slab

Grading Without the Mystery

If you've struggled to understand the "why" behind card grades in the past, Edge Grading was created with you in mind.

  • How important is the centering of a sports card? How is it calculated?
  • Is the condition of the back of my card worth as much to the final grade as the condition of the front?
  • If one corner is slightly worn but the rest of the card is flawless can the card still receive a grade of 10?

As lifelong card collectors who have wrestled with the same concerns we have designed a comprehensive, easy-to-understand card grading system that gives clear answers for questions like these and dozens more. We also take ultra-high-resolution photos of the surfaces, edges, and corners of every card we grade so that full transparency is readily available for every future trade and purchase involving a card graded by Edge.

Matthew Stafford Finest Rookie Slab

Card #010231

Matthew Stafford

2009 Topps Finest

#100 - Rookie Card



  • 8


  • 10


  • 9


  • 9


  • 8


Overall - 8

  • Front

  • Back

Centering - 10

  • Front (10)

  • Back (10+)

Corners - 9

  • Front Top L (9)

  • Front Top R (10)

  • Front Btm L (10)

  • Front Btm R (10)

  • Back Top L (10+)

  • Back Top R (10+)

  • Back Btm L (10)

  • Back Btm R (10+)

Edges - 9

  • Front Top (9)

  • Front Btm (9)

  • Front Left (9)

  • Front Right (10)

  • Back Top (10)

  • Back Btm (10)

  • Back Left (10)

  • Back Right (10)

Surface - 8

  • Front (8)

  • Back (9.5)

Security You Can Bank On

Our labels and cases are equipped with technology that makes changing or recreating an Edge Grading slab virtually impossible.

Custom hologram with multiple built-in security and verification features

Edge Grading label front hologram

Fugitive ink that runs when washed to prevent tampering with card or grade information

Holographic logo on back with a built-in security feature known only to Edge employees for in-person verification

Edge Grading label back security

Individualized QR code to take any visitor directly to the Edge Grading grade overview page

Molded logo and patented case design

Edge Grading slab security

Ultrasonically-welded polycarbonate case with tamper-proof features